A Reporter’s Love – A Poem

Just a new poem I wrote about Lois Lane’s love for Clark Kent (Superman)!



The Importance of Positivity

Getting Through Anxiety

With working on a book that will be filled with articles and poetry about positivity and getting through our struggles, I thought I would take the time to express why I feel writing about positivity is so important.

While sources of happiness, joy, and friendship surround us on a daily basis, I think we often pass them by without notice. It’s not necessarily our fault, it’s just hard sometimes when living our busy lives and hearing about such negativity in the world, to focus on all of the good. Though there are self-help books and other literary resources to help us find comfort and peace, I think that the best way to find strength and confidence within the literary world, is to find something that really connects with us; something we can all relate to. I think that reading helpful articles and poetry that build us up instead of making…

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New Writing Project!

Hey everybody!

As many of you already know, I am currently working on a new novel! In addition, someone very special and I are working on an inspirational article and poetry book! I am very excited to share this news with all of you!

Struggling with anxiety, I have come to see the importance of gathering all the inspiration we can find. Whether it’s befriending someone who will be there to support us through thick and thin, or learning how to deal with past disappointments, we all need to search for ways to help us through the most difficult of times. I’m hoping that this collaboration with a loved one will help bring peace and hope to all of us who struggle.

In addition to being excited for this new project because I find it important to share words of wisdom and motivation, I am also thrilled to announce that this will be the first time I write a book with this very talented writer – this will be their first piece of published work and we are very excited to share it with all of you.

Please stay tuned as I will continue to post more information about this upcoming project!

Thank You,

B.W. Ginsburg





New Tees Available on Teespring!

New Product Line!

Getting Through Anxiety

Hey everybody! As some of you may or may not know, in addition to writing, I also have two stores on the website, Teespring. One store is for inspirational merchandise and the other is for literary merchandise. I just finished creating my newest line of tees entitled ‘Do Not Let Others Define’, which is available in both stores. To check out this line and many others, please feel free to click the links below! As always, thanks for your support!



"Do Not Let Others Define You.  We Are Not Merely  Words In A Dictionary."                                    B.W.... Purple T-Shirt Front

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Patience and Writing

Many writers are probably aware that writing can be extremely tiring. It’s not so much that it’s not enjoyable (I know that I personally love writing), but it often requires a lot of patience. After all, what do we want more as writers than to publish our work? To get it out there for the world to read? However, the reality lies in the fact that truly good writing usually does not occur over night – it takes time.

There is nothing wrong with being a little impatient when writing. In fact, in my opinion, it’s almost a good thing! I think it tends to show how dedicated we are in achieving our final goal of finishing our projects. On the other hand, though, we must be aware that there is a difference between feeling a bit impatient and actually rushing through our work. Rushing when writing isn’t something that I recommend – especially if you don’t absolutely need to finish your project by a certain date.

Again, I understand wanting to finish our work – to get our writing published and share it with those around us as soon as possible. There’s nothing wrong with that. Our writing is important though, and by extension, so is waiting until it’s at its very best to share it with the world. While I believe that no writing can ever be perfect, I do believe in putting our best foot forward and I don’t think that we can do that by rushing.

So here is my view on having patience when writing – I think it’s essential. I think it’s important to stay excited about whatever you’re writing, while keeping in mind that rushing through your work will not make it better.



Story Update!

Hey everybody! I just thought I’d take some time to update you on my current work in progress!

What Is It?

I’m currently working on an adult fiction novel.

What Genre is the Novel?

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, and Mental Health Awareness

What’s It About?

Without giving too much away, it’s a love story about good vs. evil, mental health awareness, and positive change in the world.

How Far Along Am I?

I’m about 75 pages in!

What Made Me Want To Write This Story?

I wanted to write something creative and fresh. I wanted to write a love story that included some other fun elements such as time travel, good vs. evil, etc. While the book is partly realistic, it also contains some supernatural elements, all while providing an important message and not being too preachy.

What Are Some of the Included Themes?

Love, friendship, doing what’s right, good vs. evil, bravery, strength, mental health awareness