Taking Breaks While Still Working

Writing doesn’t always work out as planned. Sometimes we begin working on a story or other type of project only to find out that we’ve written ourselves into a corner, lost interest for the moment, or flat out don’t like our idea anymore. It happens to the best of us.

As many of you already know, I’ve been working on writing a new novel. I’m going to be honest here – I still love the idea and I’m passionate about it. On the other hand, I seem to be having some trouble getting really into the story. Writing it seems difficult and I don’t feel the same sense of excitement I did when I began. I know where I want to go with the story, but I’m not really sure how to get there at the moment.

A few weeks ago, I couldn’t sleep – it was a miserable night. One good thing that did come out of not sleeping well, however, was a story idea. I fell in love with it right away and all I wanted to do was work on it. I wrote a rough outline of the idea, but I put off really delving into it because I was working on my other story. However, yesterday, I returned to that new idea. You know what? I was super excited to start something new and I still am. I’ve already started working on the new story and for now, at least, I’m loving it! I’m not promising anything, but I think I’m going to have way more confidence and success while writing this – some stories just sing to you.

I’m not saying that I’m giving up on my other story – not at all. Like I said, I still like the idea and what I’ve written so far. I just need a break from it and want to work on something fresh; something I can really sink my teeth into. There’s no point in working on a story that you don’t feel good about at the moment, so I’m going to wait until I have more confidence to work on my other novel. For now, I’m going to put all my energy into working on my new story idea!

Speaking of confidence, I think it is so important to have the trait while writing. You should feel good about your project and you should have a good gut feeling about the story, poem, or whatever you may be working on. If something doesn’t feel right, you don’t feel good about what you’re writing, or the drive and excitement just isn’t there at the moment, then it’s okay to take a break and look at your options. If you really don’t like what you’re writing anymore and don’t want to continue working on it or ever come back to it, you don’t have to. If you like what you’re writing, but feel you need to take a break from it and come back when you’re feeling even better about it, you can and should. Writing should be enjoyable and you shouldn’t push yourself to write something that doesn’t feel good or right.

So the bottom line is this – write what feels right. Taking breaks is okay and abandoning a story (if that’s really what you want to do) is acceptable if that’s what you feel is necessary.

As for myself, I’m going to continue writing the newest story that I just started yesterday. I will continue to post more information as I precede with my writing. I still plan on returning to working on my other novel, but for now, I’m going to put that aside. Thank you for understanding and remember, write what feels right!



How to Make the Rereading/Editing Process Easier!

Hey everybody! As many of you are already aware, I’ve been working on rereading and editing my current work in progress! At first, I have to admit, the process was going pretty slow and I wasn’t enjoying it in the least. However, after making some minor adjustments to how I went about things, the process became a lot easier and more enjoyable. Here are the steps I took!

1.) Print out what you’ve written so far – This may sound obvious, but at first I was reading what I had written so far on the computer. I found it difficult and annoying. Once I printed it, everything became easier and less of a pain.

2.) Pick out some helpful editing tools – A great way to facilitate the editing process is to find some writing instruments that are helpful. For example, I’m using a pen and highlighters to help highlight any edits that need to be made and make any notes necessary.

3.) Take breaks – Reading over your work is important, but that’s no reason to cram everything in at once. Read your work like you would any other book you read for your enjoyment – take your time and soak up the words. Rushing through the process just makes it feel like more of a chore.

4.) Try to get lost in the story – This may be difficult, but try not to focus on the fact that you wrote what you’re reading. Read the pages like any other piece of work – focusing on the plot, characters, and words!

These are the steps that I’ve found help facilitate the rereading and editing process. Feel free to use them and see if they work for you! If you have any further suggestions, I’d love to read about them in the comment section below! Thank you!


Rereading Your Own Work

Hey everybody! Today I have a question for my fellow writers! Do any of you find reading over what you’ve written so far of your current work in progress extremely difficult? It’s like you enjoy what you’ve actually written, but not the actual process of reading it? If so, I can completely relate.

I think it’s the taking of breaks from writing and then reading over what I have put down on paper so far that makes the re-reading process so monotonous for me. I feel the more I read the same words over and over, they start to lose their appeal – their magic (or at least to me, they do). I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing though, it’s just a way of life. The more you read or watch the same thing, the less fresh it becomes – especially if you’re not taking long breaks between viewing.

So yes, the process of rereading your own work can be frustrating and maybe even slightly boring, but don’t despair – this is not because your work isn’t good. The fact that you, yourself, wrote the words (therefore you’re used to them) and you’ve probably read those words a billion times, is what is making the process so daunting. In a way, it’s like editing, you’re not reading your story or other piece of work for fun, you’re reading it to check that everything sounds good and that it’s written well so far. In other words, you’re checking things out instead of fully sitting back and reading for pleasure’s sake and pleasure’s sake alone.

So here’s my advice. If you’ve taken a break from writing your current WIP and you want to reread what you have so far, do so. Try to make reading fun for yourself though and don’t put too much pressure on yourself – try to make it like you’re reading what you’ve written for the first time. Also, once you’ve read up to where you currently stopped, try your hardest to really get back into writing. That way, the memory of what you’ve already written will be fresher and you’ll be adding new words to your writing project.



Favorite Authors & Books

Hey everybody! I just thought I’d write a fun post listing some of my favorite authors and books! I hope you enjoy!

Harlan Coben  – Tell No One, Stay Close, The Stranger

James Patterson – Cradle and All, Sundays at Tiffany’s, Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas, etc.

John Saul – Hell Fire, Nathaniel, The Unwanted

Stephen King – The Green Mile, Hearts in Atlantis


Additional Favorite Books

Dead Lines (Greg Bear – only book I’ve read by him, but my all time favorite book!)

We Don’t Need Roads: The Making of the Back to the Future Trilogy (Caseen Gaines)

The Appointment (Luke P. Narlee)



Inspiration Unbound: Introduction Excerpt

Hey everybody! I hope you’re all having a great day! Below you will find an excerpt of the introduction to Inspiration Unbound: With Articles by B.W. Ginsburg and Poetry by Gary Ginsburg. I hope you enjoy! Remember, books can be purchased on Amazon.com. Thank you!



Thank You!

Hey everybody! A few days ago was Indie Pride Day and I would just like to thank everyone who supports my writing! Here are some pics of readers holding up my books! Feel free to send your own selfies to my Instagram page at b.w.ginsburg48. Thank you!

bookselfie1    bookselfie2




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For Readers…

For the fantasy and horror novel lovers…

Rest in Piece is a story about two girls who are separated by decades and yet, are connected in more ways than one. Years after Catherine Adams goes missing, Louise Erikson is haunted by a picture that she can’t get out of her head – a picture that promises both good and evil. Louise must gather all the strength she can to face both her fears and the supernatural demons that lurk just beyond one of her most valued treasures. Rest in Piece is available in both Kindle and paperback on Amazon.com.

For adults who love fantasy and horror short stories…

Abstract Clarity is a collection of short fantasy and horror stories covering topics from hell to beauty. The five stories in the collection will shock, scare, and possibly bring tears to your eyes as you enter worlds that are both fantastical and horrific. The collection contains stories: Historical Hell, October’s Rein, Write in Time, Dream Land, and Clarity. Abstract Clarity is available in both Kindle and paperback on Amazon.com.

For inspirational article and poetry lovers…

Inspiration Unbound is a collection of inspirational articles and poetry, perfect for readers of any age. Inspiration Unbound is inspired by many experiences, including those of joy, happiness, anxiety, confusion, and sadness. The book is a great read for anyone and everyone who wants to add a little bit of happiness and light to their lives. Inspiration Unbound is co-written by myself and Gary Ginsburg and is available in both Kindle and paperback on Amazon.com.