About the Author – Writing Journey

Hey everybody! Today I’d like to share with you a timeline of my writing journey.

  • Prior to 2015 – Poem accepted in an anthology


  • 2015 – Poem accepted in a magazine


  • July 2016 – Became a freelancer for The Seeds 4 Life


  • October 2016 – Published my first novel, Rest in Piece


  • June 2017 – Published my short story collection, Abstract Clarity


  • March 2018 – Currently working on new romance/fantasy/sci-fi novel

About the Author – Education

Hey everybody! As I looked over the poll results for what you guys want to see here on my blog (thanks to those who liked and/or voted), I saw that you’d like to see more information about me and more short stories! I thought I’d start out by sharing a little about my education.

Elementary School

From first to eighth grade, I attended a public elementary school. My love for writing and reading started in the first grade. I distinctly remember tracing a letter in the carpeting in my classroom, my teacher commenting on it and how she was proud that I was practicing my letters.

I think overall, I enjoyed elementary school. I was in a school play, I had a few pretty good friends, and liked my teachers. And of course, I loved to read. I remember how much I loved whenever there were book fairs!

Middle School

Along with attending a public elementary school, I also went to a public middle school. Once again, I was quiet but had a good small group of close friends. My love for reading continued and my favorite subject was English. I was also part of some clubs including yearbook club.

High School

For the first time ever, I attended a private school. While I’m very happy for this experience, I did learn something – no matter where you go, people are pretty much the same. There were some people who were great friends and whom I really liked, and there were some people who were unkind and from whom I kept my distance.

I think high school was when my love for writing really started to turn into something. I took a creative writing class and really saw how interested I was in the subject. I also came up with a cereal idea that was inserted in the school newsletter – it never really became anything, but I was still proud of the idea.

In high school, I also got to go to New York City, which was pretty amazing. I also tried out for a play (I didn’t get the part, but enjoyed trying out) and got to experience some things that I’d never done before. I also sent a poem in somewhere and it was accepted into an anthology.


College was definitely one of my favorite educational experiences. While the last couple of years were difficult for me due to anxiety, I experienced a lot of amazing things.

I knew since I was in high school that I wanted to major in either English or Writing and since my college didn’t offer a major in Writing, I minored in the subject and majored in English. I thoroughly enjoyed my creative writing course and several of the other classes I took for both the major and minor. Additionally, I had a lot of great teachers and met some nice people along the way. My advisor was super supportive and I really think that the support I gained through my college education led me to be the dedicated writer I am today.

In my senior year of college, I had to take a course where we had to put together a writing portfolio. I really enjoyed this project and put a lot of effort into it. My professor was super kind and helped me improve my writing. In fact, one of the stories actually made it into my short story collection, after I did some editing and revising.

Well guys, this is my education in a nutshell! Sorry if it wasn’t too detailed; I take my privacy very seriously. I hope to continue sharing some information about myself as the days progress! Thanks for reading!




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I Dream Of…Periods? A Story For Women By B.W. Ginsburg

As every woman knows, one of the worst experiences is finding herself entering into that ‘time of the month’ without the necessary supplies – especially if she’s wearing white shorts. I think that being part of the female sex makes us vulnerable to dreaming about these types of situations.

Slipping into a deep sleep last night, I began dreaming. I found myself on the streets surrounding my old college campus, scrambling to find a sanitary napkin – or as some of my female friends may refer to them as – a pad. As I embarrassingly asked just about any woman I could find for the item, I was continuously shot down. Finally, a girl with blonde hair in a ponytail offered me one. I thanked her and ran inside one of the college buildings to find a bathroom.

As in many of my previous dreams, there seemed to be a shortage of women’s bathrooms except for some new fangled version where women used the bathroom by swimming in some kind of tub – toilet combination. Even my dreaming self always found the idea disgusting!

There was some hope to still be had though – well, sort of. I finally found a bathroom that was unisex. Being desperate, I walked in. I hated the fact that there were men somewhere where I’d be taking care of personal business, but like I said, I was desperate. Apparently, my dream self is slightly braver than I am in some areas.

I finally picked a stall and started getting undressed, when two guys tried looking in. They were all excited and going on and on, so for obvious privacy reasons, I was forced to leave.

I eventually found someone who knew where there was a private place to change. By now, I needed to clean up a bit and reload on necessities. Somewhere along the line in the dream, I discovered that the napkin I was given was dirty and I must have gotten another one somehow and put it on (I know this is a hole in my story, but like I said, I was dreaming. We all know dreams don’t always make sense!).

Luckily the kind woman had some sanitary napkins and gave me some. She let me know that the bathroom she was familiar with was tons of floors up and we’d need to take the elevator. Also, she said that no one else but employees of the college were supposed to use it. Therefore, she’d have to sneak me in. Also, there was a camera that the manager – a male manager – looked at (again, I know this part doesn’t make sense. It’s a private bathroom, so wouldn’t letting the manager see me use the bathroom be a bad idea anyway?). However, the woman stated that the manager didn’t share the tapes with anyone. As you can imagine, this whole idea wasn’t working for me. I told the girl that no one was going to spy on me in the bathroom.

I’m not sure how, but we came up with a way for me not to end up on camera. Now the problem seemed to be – sorry to be disgusting, ladies – that I needed more sanitary napkins. For some gross reason, I was asking the nice lady with help piling napkin over napkin in the bathroom. Let’s just say that it proved to be a very, very messy process. Apparently my flow was extremely heavy.

Then I woke up – and that, ladies, was my dream. PERIOD!



© B.W. Ginsburg
*For all you women out there who dream about your period during that time of the month, or close to it, you’re perfectly normal! Trust me, I’ve been there! I just wanted to share this dream with all of you because I felt that, as women, we all go through these types of things. Also, I thought it was pretty amazing that I remembered my dream so well!




Nick Bagrationi’s Interview with Dave Burkey

Hey everybody! Nick Bagrationi from Howtreasure.com has just recently interviewed Dave Burkey, author of short story collection, Life’s Tales! To read the interview, please feel free to click the link below. Thank you!



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