To Be: The Chill In The Air

They’re hypocritical. They go about their way covering me up with their long thin blankets that wrap around their necks and their thick body coverings. They blame me for dry skin and runny noses, but they never stop to think about how grateful they should be that I exist. After all, isn’t it me who saves them from the scorching summer heat when there seems to be no oasis in sight?

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be complaining. The warmth gets a bad wrap too. After all, people are always whining about how hot it is when the warmer months roll around, but the warmth is what helps those who complain get through the days where I can’t help but blow through the towns that I pass through.

So there you have it, me and my friend, the warmth, are both underappreciated. Oh well, maybe one day people will understand that it is our balance that keeps the world running so smoothly.