This is a page where readers can ask questions they may have for the author!

Is the story self-published?

Yes! I self-published through Amazon.

How long did it take to write?

Rest in Piece took about a year for me to write

How long did it take to edit your story?

I’d say about a month.

How many people did your proof reading?

Two – counting myself. My dad and I read it over a few times and corrected errors.

Did you know what was going to happening, or did you follow your characters?

This is a great question! I kind of did both. On one hand, I knew where I wanted to go with the story, but sometimes what happened depended on what the characters were like and what naturally unfolded in the story.

[the above questions were asked by dbsgirl. If you’d like to ask some questions, feel free to contact me through the contact page or by commenting on a post! Thank you!]