Story Update!

Hey everybody! I just thought I’d take some time to update you on my current work in progress!

What Is It?

I’m currently working on an adult fiction novel.

What Genre is the Novel?

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, and Mental Health Awareness

What’s It About?

Without giving too much away, it’s a love story about good vs. evil, mental health awareness, and positive change in the world.

How Far Along Am I?

I’m about 75 pages in!

What Made Me Want To Write This Story?

I wanted to write something creative and fresh. I wanted to write a love story that included some other fun elements such as time travel, good vs. evil, etc. While the book is partly realistic, it also contains some supernatural elements, all while providing an important message and not being too preachy.

What Are Some of the Included Themes?

Love, friendship, doing what’s right, good vs. evil, bravery, strength, mental health awareness


One Step At A Time

Sometimes stories practically write themselves. You have an idea, you start writing, and before you know it, it’s already time for editing. Other times, the process moves a little slower. You still have your idea and you may know how you want the story to go, but getting to the end is a little trickier than you originally thought.

Moving slowly when you’re working on a story or other piece of writing is okay. Unless you have a deadline that you absolutely have to meet, it’s okay if you’re not writing at a super fast speed. After all, some authors take years to complete their projects.

As many of you may already know, I’m currently working on a romance-fantasy novel with a bit of sci-fi. I am so excited for this project and am doing pretty well with it. I admit that I’m not writing every day and that I’m currently only about forty-five pages into the story, but I do love my idea and where it’s heading. Yes, I don’t have the whole thing perfectly mapped out in my mind, but I do have faith that as I continue to write, the pieces will fall into place.

I’ve been working on my story one step at a time. I’m trying my hardest not to worry about every single event that’s going to take place. Yes, I might not have all the blanks filled in yet, but I do believe that as I write, more and more ideas will come flooding in.

If you’re like me and you love your story idea and where it’s going so far, but you find that you’re writing at a slower pace than you’d like, try not to worryJust because your story isn’t being written in record time does not mean that it doesn’t have potential to be wonderful. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking your time when writing your book. Take it slow, enjoy the ride, and write the best piece of writing you can!

Writing Update: As mentioned above, I have written about 45 pages of my new romance-fantasy-sci-fi novel! My main villain now has a name thanks to a good friend that I ‘met’ through Instagram. The story will feature love, conflict, sci-fi, and much more! For further updates, please stay tuned to this blog and my Instagram page over at b.w.ginsburg48! Thank you!


Happy Valentine’s Day and Writing Update!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I’d like to thank you all for your friendship and support!

In honor of Romance Week on Goodreads, I thought I would give you guys an update on my current work in progress. As many of you may already know, I’m currently writing a fantasy/romance novel! While the novel is still early in the writing process, I am very excited to see where it goes. Here is what I can tell you!

-The book contains both good and evil elements.

-The book is both realistic in setting and fantastical.

-There are four main heroes in the novel and a plethora of villains!

-The book will mostly take place in the present, with some futuristic elements as well.

-Time travel will be a part of this novel!

-Some sci-fi will be included in the book.



Goodreads Sci-Fi and Fantasy Week: Why I Like the Genres

This week on the site Goodreads, they’re celebrating the genres of Sci-Fi and Fantasy – two genres that I like very much. While I’m not a huge fan of sci-fi books per say, I am a fan of science fiction movies. I’m also a fan of fantasy books.

I think one of the first sci-fi movies I ever saw was Back to the Future, a movie that has been my favorite for as long as I can remember. I love the characters, the plot, and of course, the idea of time travel. Do I believe that it would ever be possible to travel through time? No. Do I think it’s an awesome concept? Absolutely!

I’ve seen many sci-fi movies and TV shows – Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Spider-Man, Superman, AI, Armageddon, ET, Quantum Leap, too many to name. In addition, I’ve read many fantasy novels and short stories – Ink Heart, Harry Potter, Wicked, etc. Science Fiction and Fantasy are two of the most imaginative genres out there!

That’s the great thing about fantasy and science fiction – almost anything goes! It’s fun to play around with reality and see what one can come up with. Let’s face it, sometimes we want to think about other things besides what happens in our daily lives. Fantasizing about the ‘what-ifs’ can be an entertaining thing to do as long as the what-ifs don’t cause us stress and anxiety.

Perhaps my love for fantasy and science fiction is why the two books I wrote are of the fantasy genre. Fantasy is so much fun to write! With fantasy, you can just let your mind wander and see what it comes up with – some of the best stories come from thinking outside the box!

Like fantasy, science fiction is extremely flexible when it comes to what you can do with it. The strangest concepts can be molded into amazing stories if done so properly.

Real life is far from boring – exciting things happen all the time. However, I think we can all agree that once in a while, it’s fun to imagine a world where fantastical and supernatural things occur. I really do believe that science fiction and fantasy are two very important, fun genres. They both help to open the mind!

What are your favorite sci-fi and fantasy movies and TV shows? Favorite books that fall into these two genres? What science fiction and fantasy concepts are your favorites? Here is are some sci-fi and fantasy shows, movies, and books that I recommend:

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Shows & Movies 

Back to the Future

Jurassic Park







Quantum Leap

Warehouse 13


Lois and Clark



The Twilight Zone

The Langoliers


Ink Heart

Harry Potter


Abstract Clarity and Rest in Piece (my own horror and fantasy books)