The Appointment – A Book Review

Luke P. Narlee’s The Appointment

Getting Through Anxiety

Copyright: 2017
Rating: 5/5
My Synopsis:

The country is in lockdown and Jacob Johansen is one of the few people who isn’t totally devoid of feelings, emotions, and memories. In this scary and lonely time, Jacob receives a letter that offers an opportunity of a lifetime. But can it be trusted? If Jacob decides to take on this special offer, will he be happy with the results, or will he regret his choice? All this and more will be discovered in Luke P. Narlee’s novel, The Appointment.

My Review:

Luke P. Narlee’s novel, The Appointment, is proof that a treasure trove of fantastic indie authors exist. If ever a book can prove a reader wrong that an author must be well-known to be talented, it is The Appointment. The novel is fresh, fast-paced, thrilling, and doesn’t contain a single dull moment.

From start to finish, The Appointment keeps its…

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Book Review Page Added!

Hey guys! Located in the top menu on this blog, you will now find a link that once clicked, will take you to a list of books that I have reviewed. To read the full review, you can click on each title.

If you notice that you are directed to a different blog other than this one when you click the links, don’t worry! This blog also belongs to me and is mainly used as a source for writing about my anxiety.

I hope you all have a great day!

-B.W. Ginsburg


Why Honesty Is The Best Policy

Let’s talk honesty. Let’s talk kindness and respect. Let’s talk about how we should use both of them when sharing our opinions.

When someone asks for our opinion about their writing (or really anything), I firmly believe that honesty is always the best policy. Period. However, I also believe that we should share that honesty in a kind and respectful way. For example, if we read a book and we don’t care for it, I don’t think we should say something like: “Your writing is awful! or “Your plot makes no sense!”. Rather, we should find a nice, but honest, way of expressing our feelings.

Honesty is the best policy for many reasons. Most writers and authors (including myself) want to know how they can improve their writing. We take our work seriously and we don’t want people to say they like our writing just to spare our feelings. Simply being kind without honesty does not help us become better writers, it merely makes us feel that there is nothing we need to work on. For most of us, we want to be the best we can be. This doesn’t mean we have to point out every little flaw to each other, but it does mean that if we don’t like something and we think it’s relevant to mention, that we should.

Honesty, however, is very different from going out of your way to be hurtful. Like I said, there is a huge difference between being honest in a kind, helpful way and just being cruel. So when someone asks for your opinion or a review, tell them the truth, but try to do so in a considerate manner. Chances are that the writer will appreciate you taking the time to discuss any issues with them while also, of course, appreciating your kindness while doing so.

The bottom line is this – don’t be afraid to be honest. Just do so in a way that is respectful.



Reviews for Rest in Piece!

Hey everyone! As a writer and reader, I understand the importance of not wanting to spend ones hard earned money on a book that they are not going to enjoy. While everyone’s tastes are different and reviews are not always a guarantee of what you will receive, they are definitely helpful when deciding whether or not to purchase a book, or any other item for that matter.

For ease of access, I have compiled a number of links below where you can find reviews for my YA horror/fantasy novel, Rest in Piece. Special thanks goes to all who support my writing!

Reviews for Paperback version of Rest in Piece:

Reviews for Ebook version of Rest in Piece


Just Another Update!

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a little while. I just want to let you know where I am with my writing.

1.) As many of you probably know, my first novel, Rest in Piece, is available for purchase on Amazon.com! I also have a Goodreads account and Instagram account!

2.) I am currently working on a short story collection! I have one more story to finish writing for it and then need to go over everything one last time. I will continue to keep you updated as my progress  continues!

3.) Thursday I will be reblogging an interview that I did with author, Diana Anderson-Tyler, who has been so kind as to help me get the word out about my book. I hope to share a review of my book today for you as well. Stay tuned!

Thanks again for all your support! If you have any questions about my writing, etc. , please don’t hesitate to ask!


B.W. Ginsburg



My First Published Book, Rest in Piece!

As many of you already know, I am officially a published author! My first book, Rest in Piece, is available on Amazon.com in two formats: e-book and paperback. I thought I would give you all some information on each format and why you may be interested in reading my novel!


“Louise, though young, has never been one to believe in the supernatural, fantastical, or surreal. However, when she sees something unusual in a puzzle left by the previous residents of her new home, she begins to wonder if there really is something to the stories that only some have read about in books.

Louise soon realizes that she needs to save Catherine Adams, a girl who disappeared twenty years ago. With the help of angels and loved ones, Louise will be able to do something that she would have never imagined possible.” B.W. Ginsburg, author of Rest in Piece


Books I Highly Recommend

There are a lot of great books out there, but I thought I’d recommend a few of my favorites!

1.) Dead Lines by Greg Bear – This is the only book I’ve ever read by Bear and it’s fantastic. I’ve actually read it twice. Dead Lines is an outstandingly, well-written scary ghost story that really leaves you thinking. To read my full review, click here! Dead Lines is my favorite book.

2.) Stay Close by Harlan Coben – Stay Close is a book that really keeps you guessing. With tons of twists and turns, you’ll never want to put this book down! For full review, click here!

3.) Tell No One by Harlan Coben – Harlan Coben is my favorite author and this is yet another of his books that prove why. I’ve read this book twice and both times I’ve loved it. The characters are great and the storyline is fantastic. Full review here!

4.) The Green Mile by Stephen King – This is the first full length novel I’ve read by Stephen King and I LOVED it. King is a fantastic story teller, who not only writes exciting books, but also thoughtful books as well. I highly recommend this story to anyone who loves to read a great book. It is a little graphic though, so keep that in mind. Full Review here.

5.) Cradle and All by James Patterson – A story by my second favorite author that is well-written and a definite page turner. Patterson keeps you guessing! This is just a wonderful story – thoughtful and provoking! For more, click here!

6.) The Unwanted by John Saul – Just like Harlan Coben and James Patterson, John Saul has a lot of amazing novels. My favorite though, I’d have to say, is The Unwanted. I think it’s just a really good story full of interesting characters. For a full review, you can click here!

7.) Conversations Bordering On Torment by Jade Moore – Now usually I’m not a huge fan of poetry books, but my friend Jade wrote an amazing one and trust me, I am not just saying that because she’s a good friend of mine. The way she touches on the mental health issue of anxiety and how we are stronger than that which holds us back, is truly wonderful and inspirational. Jade manages to make an issue that is usually quite hard to describe, much clearer and easier to understand. If you want to read a great book of inspirational poetry, I definitely recommend Conversations Bordering On Torment. This book isn’t just good for anxiety sufferers, but for anyone who loves to read good work. You can see my full review of Jade’s book here!

**8.) Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King – So I can’t write a review yet on this book because I’m not even close to being done reading it, but it’s fantastic so far! I’m only on page 72 and I’m already lost in the story, questioning everything, and wondering what’s going to happen. Seriously! I’ve already come across great lines and can’t wait to read more!

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