Short Story Collection Now Available!

Hey everyone! My short story collection, Abstract Clarity, is now available for purchase in Kindle and paperback format on! To check it out, please feel free to do so by clicking on the link below! Thank you for all your support!

About Abstract Clarity:

“The real meaning of Hell, a woman’s love for Halloween gone horribly wrong, and a magical pen. A mysterious place called Dream Land and an inanimate object that, with a little luck and hard work, helps change the world. In these five fantastical, terrifying, and beautiful stories, you will discover that there is more to life than the ordinary and explainable.” – Description written by B.W. Ginsburg, found on

Collection Includes These 5 Stories:

Historical Hell

October’s Rein

Write in Time

Dream Land


Cover Photo: B.W. Ginsburg



Guest Post & Interview!

Hi friends! I recently wrote a guest post for and was interviewed by the talented and kind author, Diana Tyler-Anderson! Diana is the author of two novels – Moonbow (which I am currently reading) and the first book of The Orchid Series. She also has a number of fitness books available for purchase! For more information about her work, please feel free to click here! Thank you!


Short Story Collection Update!

Hey everyone! As I recently mentioned, I am currently in the editing process of working on my short story collection that I hope to publish in the near future. In addition to editing, I am re-writing a story that I wrote some years back. I am very excited to share this news with you. Now, there will probably be about five or six short stories included in the collection rather than just the original four. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read my updates and support me in my writing adventure.


B.W. Ginsburg

author of Rest in Piece

Photo taken by B.G.

Opinion Time!

Hi everyone! So as I’ve mentioned I’m currently working on my second book – a collection of short stories! I’m very excited for this project! I believe I have already completed the first draft of three out of the four stories! Two of the stories will be 4 – 20 pages and the other two will be a little over 40 or so. So as I continue to work hard on the collection, here is my question for you:

Thank You,

B.W. Ginsburg

Writing Process: Research

Research. I have to admit, that when it comes to writing, this is one part that I am not fond of. In my opinion, it’s a pain and it’s boring.

If you’re writing fiction, you may be lucky enough not to have to do any research. Many times, I don’t do any. For example, in three out of four of the short stories I’m working on now for my collection, I didn’t have to do any. The stories are either horror or fantasy and have very little to do with real events that took place. One of my short stories, however, does require a little bit of research.

Now, it is true that the story is fiction and that not everything has to be perfectly correct. After all, fiction does mean ‘not true’. However, at the same time, the story deals with time travel and Paris in the 1940s, so I do want some stuff to be accurate. For this, I do have to take the time to look stuff up. I want to know about the hotels, stores in the area, restaurants, etc. I also want to draw an accurate description of the apparel worn back then. So, I stopped being lazy and started working!

The real point of this post is for me to explain that while research can be important, if you’re writing fiction, it’s not the most important thing in the world. Fiction doesn’t have to always make sense and it doesn’t always have to go by the book. If you want to fudge a little about what went on in history, then you can. It’s your work of fiction after all! So try not to stress yourself out about it!

Also, even authors as talented and as famous as Stephen King make historical errors. He admits that not all things are perfectly accurate. The most important thing in my opinion, and maybe even his, is that the story is well-told and enjoyable!

So next time you’re doing research for a work of fiction, do the best you can to get stuff right but try not to stress out about it too much!

Dreams – A Poem


A dream is a story
Ending before complete
Always prone to editing
Never quite concrete

A dream is a wish
Desires we want to see come true
Relationships we crave
Something exciting and something new

Dreams illustrate our fears,
Anxiety and worry
Rushing through our lives
Always in a hurry

But maybe if we pay attention
We can comprehend
The convoluted messages
Our dreams try to send

©B.W. Ginsburg / B.G.