The Importance of Positivity

Getting Through Anxiety

With working on a book that will be filled with articles and poetry about positivity and getting through our struggles, I thought I would take the time to express why I feel writing about positivity is so important.

While sources of happiness, joy, and friendship surround us on a daily basis, I think we often pass them by without notice. It’s not necessarily our fault, it’s just hard sometimes when living our busy lives and hearing about such negativity in the world, to focus on all of the good. Though there are self-help books and other literary resources to help us find comfort and peace, I think that the best way to find strength and confidence within the literary world, is to find something that really connects with us; something we can all relate to. I think that reading helpful articles and poetry that build us up instead of making…

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Where To Find My Writing

Hey everybody! I thought I would just take some time to share with you some samples of my work. I hope you enjoy checking them out! Thank you.

Once again, above is a list of samples of my writing. As always, I greatly appreciate all your support.

Thank You,

B.W. Ginsburg


Helping Indie Authors

Hey everybody! I hope you’re all doing well.

Today I’d like to talk about the importance of supporting indie authors and how you can go about doing so. As you’d probably expect, this subject is very near and dear to my heart and I would greatly appreciate it if you would please take the time to read this post. Thank you.

Many things in life are difficult and being a self-published author is no exception. I think the hardest thing I’ve experienced so far about being self-published is getting the word out about my work. Let’s face it – there are only so many ways to spread the news about one’s writing when it hasn’t been recognized by a traditional publishing company.

Due to the fact that it is so hard to advertise one’s own work, I truly believe in the importance of others assisting in the spreading of the news. The more that people get the word out that indie authors exist and that they are writing books (books that are sometimes just as good as those published traditionally), the more of a chance authors will have of making sales.

I’m going to be honest – it would be nice if everyone was able to purchase every book imaginable, but I think we all know that that’s not likely. For one thing, not everyone is interested in reading every book out there (I know I’m not), and for another thing, we all have limited funds. I’m not going to say that I go around buying every book ever written by an indie author because I don’t. I simply don’t have the money to do so. However, I do believe in supporting indie authors in any way possible, whether big or small – this includes trying to download some books when they are free and write honest reviews.

To continue on the subject of purchasing books written by self-published authors, I understand one’s hesitation to do so. It can be difficult spending our money on anything, let alone spending our hard earned savings on books written by an author that’s new to the literary word and who isn’t a ‘household name’. However, this is something that we all must remember: we need to give indie authors a chance. Not everyone is lucky enough to be traditionally published. This does not mean that an author doesn’t have talent or that their work isn’t good! 

Here’s the truth. I have read some utterly amazing books written by indie authors. I have read some books that I truly enjoyed. If I had decided that I wouldn’t read these books because the authors were self-published, not only would I be a hypocrite, but I would have missed out on something wonderful!

So when you’re looking at books or when you hear about an author who is self-published, please don’t automatically dismiss their work. If you want to help support their writing, but can’t afford to make a purchase, that’s okay. Instead, please consider spreading the word about their work in other ways – write a blog post about it, show a picture on Instagram or Facebook, give an author interview – whatever!

If you are looking for a book to purchase or if you have the money to spend and a book published independently sounds good, then please consider making the purchase. Please don’t hesitate merely because the author chose to self-publish. Indie authors deserve to have their work read – after all, we all spend a lot of time and energy making our writing enjoyable. Please, don’t sell us short!

For a list of indie authors in which I’ve read their books and have truly enjoyed their work, please see below:

1.) Luke P. Narlee’s The Appointment

2.) N.M. McGregor’s West End Montana

3.) Ginger Elinburg’s Wicked Welcome

4.) Jade Moore’s Conversations Bordering on Torment

I am also in the process of reading two other books by indie authors:

1.) Ligeia Wang’s Beyond Event Horizon

2.) Richard Bell’s Life Seemed Good, But…



Keep Pushing!

Hey fellow readers and writers!

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but sometimes stories can be difficult to write. Also, while writers would love to feel motivated 24/7, it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes we grow momentarily frustrated with the idea of working on our story, or sometimes, we don’t totally know what to write next. Instead of getting right back to working, we tend to slack off.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a break from writing – nothing at all. The problem occurs when we wait too long to jump back in. Sometimes the longer we wait to write, the harder it is to feel truly motivated.

Here are some tips that I have in order to keep your love and motivation for writing alive:

1.) Play some scenes and ideas for your story, poem, etc. in your head – This allows for you to brainstorm and get excited for the next time you decide to write. The more you think of your work, the more thrilled you will most likely become at the prospect of writing.

2.) Just open up the document on your computer or open your notebook and start writing! – Even if you don’t totally feel up to it, once you begin writing, you usually feel like continuing. Or at least, I find that the method sometimes helps me.

I’m not going to lie, I can be a fairly impatient person at times. However, I’ve learned that to write a truly good story, patience is usually necessary. I also understand that it can be hard to gather the energy to begin writing. Especially if we don’t have set deadlines, it can be easy to slip into a state of procrastination.

Just remember how important writing is to you and promise yourself not to give up. Writing may be a difficult task at times, but if you love it, it’s well worth your time.

Good luck to all my fellow writers out there!

Writing Update: I am now on about page 50 of my own WIP! Stay tuned for more information!




Write It Down!

What I’m about to share with you might seem obvious. However, I think as human beings we tend to always be in a rush or think that we can remember everything when, in reality, we sometimes forget even the most important of things.

As writers, it is very important that when we come up with an idea for a story, poem, or other form of literature, that we write it down! Even if we are currently working on another project, it is essential that we get those creative juices down on paper before they get lost in the shuffle.

Just the other night, I thought of a story idea. Let me tell you that even after looking over the idea in the light of the morning, I still like it very much and intend on using it for my next novel (or short story – we’ll have to see)! The moment I thought of the idea, I took the opportunity to grab my phone and write it down. Later on, the next morning, I decided to start a notebook and fill it with any other ideas that I may come up with along the way.

I think for some of us, even thinking of writing another story while still working on another one may seem like too much to bear. We may feel extra pressured to finish our work in progress as soon as possible. Please try not to feel this way – there is no reason to. Look at coming up with a fresh, new idea as a good thing! Take your time with your current work in progress and when you’re all done, you can begin working on something new!

One thing I’d like to urge all writers to do is to try to write down your new ideas as soon as possible! Even if you think you’ll remember the idea later on, you may miss something vital due to not jotting it down sooner! Take pride in your ideas and don’t let them slip through your fingers!


7 Days Left To Name A Character!!!

Hey everybody! As you may or may not know, I am running a reader opportunity in which, if you purchase one or both of my books between January 4, 2018 and February 4, 2018 and show me proof of purchase via receipt, you will be entered for a chance to name the villain in my next novel! 

If you have Instagram, please visit my page at b.w.ginsburg48 and send me a DM with your receipt, showing me that you have purchased one of my books within the time frame shown above. As I understand privacy protection, all you need to show me on your receipt is the name of book(s) purchased, your name (can be just your first name if you wish) and the date the book(s) was purchased. 

Just so that you are aware, I have recently made my Instagram private for safety reasons. However, you should still be able to send me a direct message. If you experience any difficulty, please feel free to request that I follow your page.

If you do not have Instagram, but are still interested in this opportunity, please feel free to comment in the comment section below or send me a message through the Contact Page. Thank you!

-B.W. Ginsburg

Rest in Piece Abstract Clarity: A Collection of Short StoriesAbstract Clarity: A Collection of Short Stories


Happy National Book Lover’s Day!

Hey everyone! It’s National Book Lover’s Day! To celebrate, I thought I would write a little something about my love for books! To view a quick list of ten reasons I love books/reading, click here!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved reading. There was just something about the words on the page and what they had to say that moved me. While I wasn’t really choosy about what genre I read, I mostly focused my time and energy on fantasy. However, I also remember reading books like the Cam Jansen mystery series as well as others.

While I did watch TV as a child, I think I mostly read. I remember sometimes even reading a whole book in one day (maybe to some this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I don’t usually still do this).

I remember a lot of moments from my young reading life. I remember becoming utterly excited every time there would be a book fair at my school. I remember looking through the pamphlet you’d get beforehand showing off just some of the books that would be for sale. I can also clearly see my young self constantly picking out a joke book and purchasing it – something that my mother would always laugh about since I seemed to always buy one when I got the chance! To be honest, I’m not even sure I thought the jokes were funny! Then there was the Harry Potter phase. I never went truly overboard with liking the book, but after constantly hearing from my best friend at the time (and pretty much everyone else) about how good the book was, I decided to give it a shot. Lo and behold, I liked it! I believe I ended up reading close to all of the books. While I’m not a fan anymore and as I mentioned, was never a huge fan, I did enjoy reading them the first time around.

So from joke books to the Cam Jansen mystery series to the Harry Potter series to A Series of Unfortunate Events, and everything in between, I’ve always enjoyed reading and buying books. They’ve always been a source of adventure for me; of excitement and fun. Books will always hold a special place in my heart.

When it came to knowing what I wanted to do in life, I wasn’t always sure. I’ve always been kind of fascinated with writing, of course, but I’ve also liked the idea of fashion design and being around animals. In fact, when it came to fashion design, I used to play around with sketching T-shirts and the like, trying to imagine what the next cool designs in clothing could be.

However as time went on, I realized that I really did love to write. When in elementary school, my best friend and I would goof around with writing short stories together. I also used to write some poetry. When it came to deciding in high school what I’d major in when I attended college, the answer became obvious: I wanted to major in English or Writing!

Since the college I attended didn’t offer Writing as a major, I took it as a minor and took English as my major. While reading classics written by Shakespeare and Chaucer wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, I learned a lot in college about various forms of literature. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed my writing classes and young adult literature course!

But let’s get back to books, and my love of them. While I don’t read as much as I used to and I tend to watch more TV then turn the pages of a good novel, I still love reading and respect literature very much. I realize the importance of teaching your kids to read at an early age and I understand how vital it is to keep reading – to expand your horizons and allow the written world to open your mind to both the possible and impossible. Reading is essential, and therefore, so is writing. Never forget the importance of books – of reading. The world would be a scary place without it.

I will forever love books – both reading and writing them!