Goodreads Reminder!

Hey guys! I just wanted to remind you all that I have an account on Goodreads! To check out my books, current reads, and reviews, please feel free to visit the link below. Thank you!


-B.W. Ginsburg


B.W.’s Literary Closet on Teespring!

Hey everyone! I know I mentioned my new storefront on teespring.com! I just wanted to show you the items that are up for sale so far. To purchase one or more of these items, feel free to visit the link below! Thanks!


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Hey everybody! Today is the last chance for you to enter the #bwginsburgcontest on Instagram. If you do so, you will have the chance to win an original free Microsoft Word copy of your choice of one of my books. Below are the instructions on how to participate:

1.) Purchase one of my books on Amazon.com (Rest in Piece or Abstract Clarity). To purchase, click here! If you purchase the book today, I recommend purchasing the ebook so that you can participate in the contest! The paperback will not be delivered in time to do so.

2.) Take a creative fall picture of the book you purchased.

3.) Use hashtag #bwginsburgcontest in your post for a chance to win your free Microsoft Word copy of my other book!

Good luck to all the participants and thank you for your support!


Happy Thanksgiving!

To all who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving! For those of you who don’t celebrate the holiday, I hope you have a wonderful day as well!

First, I’d like to thank all of you who support my writing – I am forever thankful and grateful. Your support means the world to me! Second, I would like to remind you that I am still hosting the Book Photo Contest on Instagram where you can have a chance to win an original Microsoft Office copy of one of my books! The contest will end November 27th of this year. Good luck to all the participants!

Last, but not least, there will be another exciting offer coming shortly, so I recommend looking out for that as well!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


B.W. Ginsburg



What I Read And Why

Recently, on Instagram, I mentioned how I keep changing my mind about what book I’m currently reading. While I know that some readers tend to completely finish a book, whether they like it or not, I tend to go a different route. If I start reading something and know I’m not enjoying it, I stop right away.

Each and every reader has specific preferences when it comes to what we read. Whether a certain genre, way of writing, or even author, we all have different tastes. For example, I’m a big fan of thriller novels. This doesn’t mean that those are the only types of books I like to read, but the majority of them do fall under that category. Also, I like to read books that are clear and succinct, and while I don’t mind when authors use large words, I don’t like when the language is confusing or complicated. I think that a book should be enjoyed, and not so hard to understand that it takes away from the story.

Another example of what I’m talking about is the following. I began reading Stephen King’s, Lisey’s Story. I admit, I didn’t get very far at all. I didn’t like the writing – it was jumbled, confusing, and in a way I can’t totally explain – odd. I had been so excited to read the book; the plot seemed interesting and I do think that Stephen King is a fantastic writer. It might seem like I was hasty to give up on such a famous author’s book, but I simply didn’t want to spend the time reading a book I didn’t enjoy. So now, instead, I’m reading Clive Cussler’s, The Wrecker, which I am confident I will like.

I think it’s great that many readers stick with what they start – truly, I do. I’ve just always been someone who reads what I like and only that. I don’t really like forcing myself to read something unless I absolutely have to, especially when it comes to reading for fun. I think that the whole point of reading for the sake of enjoyment is to read something you genuinely care for, not just because you feel obligated to the story or author to finish their work.

I’m curious, what types of books do you prefer to read? Are you someone who when you start a book, likes to finish it no matter what, or will put it down if they’re not enjoying it?



Hey everyone! Great news! From now until November 13th, you can win a free original Microsoft Word copy of one of my books! Here’s how to participate:

1.) Own one of my books (Purchase here!)

2.) Take a creative Halloween picture with the book.

3.) Post picture on Instagram with #bwginsburgcontest



-B.W. Ginsburg





Goodreads Abstract Clarity Character Quiz!

Hey everyone! I just finished creating a new quiz on Goodreads! Now you can test your knowledge of the characters found in my short story collection, Abstract Clarity! To take the quiz, click the link below! Good luck!


If you’ve yet to purchase a copy of Abstract Clarity and wish to do so, you can purchase a paperback copy or Kindle copy by going on https://www.amazon.com/B.W.-Ginsburg/e/B01MU5Y0YL/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1501952519&sr=8-1

To view all the Goodreads quizzes for my books, click here!