Book Party – November 5th

11/5 – What’s your favorite book? Why? Do you enjoy other works by this author? If so, what are they?

Hi everyone! Welcome to day two of the book party! Remember that all are welcome to join! If you’d like to check out the schedule, click here for more information!

My favorite book is Dead Lines by Greg Bear. It’s amazing. It’s not only a ghost story but it’s incredibly creative and imaginative. Bear is great at writing imagery and Dead Lines really makes you think about both life and death. If interested, I wrote a review about it here! Feel free to check it out and I highly recommend you take some time to read the book as well!

To answer the second part of the question, I don’t really enjoy Bear’s other works. I think I tried reading another one of his books once and didn’t get very far. In all fairness though, I haven’t really tried reading another of his novels since, so who knows!


A Quick Thank You!

I would like to give a special thank you to everyone who has supported my writing so far, whether through reading my posts, liking my posts on this or my other blog, following my blog(s), congratulating me on my published work, and/or purchasing a copy of Rest in Piece! Your support means the world to me! Thank you!

-B.W. Ginsburg


Book Party – November 4th

What written work have you written that you’re proud of? If you have links to this work, feel free to post them. Please post no more than three links per person.

Hey guys! So today is the first day of the book party here at the Rest in Piece blog! If you list the written work and/or published work you are most proud of, I will update this post at the end of the day with the links to your work! Once again, please list only three links per person and please do not post any links of work that is inappropriate. If you post links of your work, I ask that you please reblog this blog post so that you share my work with your readers, along with the other writers’ work that choose to post their links! Thank you!

To see the schedule for the book party, click here!

Here are the works that I’m (B.W. Ginsburg) most proud of:

Rest in Piece (my first published book!)

Seeds on The Seeds 4 Life (inspirational articles)

Articles on The Mighty (mental health articles)

Poetry by Ariel @ Writing Radiation


Book Party!!!!

Hey guys! So dbsgirl came up with the great idea of a book party to celebrate my book Rest in Piece being published! Therefore, for a week starting today, I’m going to throw a book party! We will talk about things we’ve written, our favorite books, things related to my story Rest in Piece, and much, much more! The following schedule is what I have planned. Feel free to let me know if you’d like to join in the fun!

11/4 – What written work have you written that you’re proud of? If you have links to this work, feel free to post them. Please post no more than three links per person and please do not post any disrespectful work. Thank you!

11/5 – What’s your favorite book? Why? Do you enjoy other works by this author? If so, what are they?

11/6 – What is your number one piece of advice to someone who wants to write?

11/7 – Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?

11/8 – Have you ever had a supernatural experience? If so, what was it?

11/9 – What is your favorite fantasy book? Your favorite horror book? Why?

11/10 – Are you someone who likes to read in silence or have music playing in the background?

11/11 – What is your favorite genre when it comes to what you like to read?

-B.W. Ginsburg

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Losing Objectivity and How To Handle It

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of editing and having the patience while doing so. While there are a lot of advantages to editing, there is one disadvantage that creeps up as well.

The more you read your story, chances are that it’s going to start sounding old; stale. I’m quite proud of my story and think it’s very good, but let’s face it, any time you read something too many times right after you just read it already, it begins to grow old. This is true with any book. Plus, reading your own writing is (I imagine) like watching yourself acting if you’re an actor or actress – it’s annoying. I mean, you start picking on every single word that you wrote. Now I think I get why actors and actresses try to stray away from watching themselves when shows or movies they were in come on TV.

Second guessing yourself when you’re writing or re-reading what you wrote, can be a dangerous thing. You start wondering if what you wrote is good enough. Let me tell you something – chances are that it is. I read my story over the first time and really liked it and that’s how I felt the second time too. But when you keep reading it over and over for mistakes, it’s naturally going to get tiring.

How do you handle losing objectivity? You ask someone else to read it through with you. I think we all need that and that’s okay. We need someone else sometimes to read through our work and tell us what they like and dislike. My dad is very honest with me when it comes to that and I’m quite grateful. If he doesn’t like something, he’ll kindly tell me and if he does, he’ll let me know that too.

You need to trust yourself when you’re writing and you need to trust those who you ask for help as well. It’s only natural for you to question your work and wonder if it’s good enough. In fact, that’s healthy and a good thing. However, when you start obsessing over it, that’s when you know you have to try to take a step back and simply trust that your story is as good as it can be.

Trust in your talents and hard work!

-B.W. Ginsburg

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Editing – It’s a Pain, But It’s Worth It!

I’m not going to lie, editing is a pain in the butt. Seriously! My dad read over my story and there were a lot of little grammatical errors. Making these types of mistakes does not make someone a bad writer, but the issue does need to be addressed.

My dad and I probably read over my story about four times between the two of us, maybe even more. Editing is a pain because not only do you have to fix every little problem you come across, but it also makes you feel kind of crappy. I mean, let’s face it, no writer wants to see that they’ve made a billion tiny, stupid errors!

The thing that my dad kept reminding me though, is that going through your story and fixing these types of mistakes is something you need to do and if you’re passionate about your story, it’s not a waste of time. It goes hand in hand with having patience – you may want to rush into publishing your story, but you shouldn’t. You should wait until you’re completely satisfied with the writing itself.

As I was editing, I kept thinking how much easier I thought the whole process would be. I thought I would write the story and if I liked it, edit a few things and go ahead and try to publish it! It took longer than that though and I’m happy that it did in a way. I learned that you have to take your time and really focus on what you’re doing to ensure that your work turns out as good as it can!

So if you find yourself frustrated during the editing process, know that you’re not alone. Remember that it’s worth it to take the time and fix your mistakes. Making errors does not make you a bad writer, it just makes you human!

-B.W. Ginsburg

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FAQ Page Updated!

Hey guys! I received my first questions to answer! You can find the questions and answers on the FAQ page by clicking the link on the side menu. A special thank you to dbsgirl over at dbsthoughts blog for asking the questions! If anyone wants to ask me about how I wrote Rest in Piece or the writing process in general, feel free to contact me through the Contact page or on any one of my posts.


B.W. Ginsburg