Getting Chilly? Why Not Read?

In many areas, the weather is starting to get on the chilly side. As many readers know, one of the best things to do as the cold months approach is to curl on the couch or in bed under the blankets with a nice hot beverage and a book. So why not give yourself the gift of both comfort and reading by purchasing my newly published book, Rest in Piece, available in the Amazon Kindle store? For the weather is frightful, but reading is so delightful!

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BOOK REVIEW: Rest in Piece by B.W. Ginsburg

Ariel from Writing Radiation was kind enough to review my newly published book, Rest in Piece! Thank you Ariel!

Writing Radiation

Synopsis from Goodreads: “Though decades apart, two young girls are connected in a way that is both fantastical and surreal.  When twelve year old Louise Erikson finds out that she holds the key to saving a nine year old who disappeared twenty years earlier, she decides to accept the challenge.  Will Louise be able to rescue the girl and the others locked away with her before it’s too late?”

Recently, I had the pleasure of reading B.W. Ginsburg’s first – & hopefully not the last! – novel.  I’ve been following B the entire time (since June 2016) I’ve been on WordPress.  I was so excited to hear she was releasing her first book.

I’m going to try & keep this review spoiler-free.  Hopefully, I can still pique your interest!

Rest in Piece doesn’t waste any time.  It gets right into the action, launching into the mysterious events surrounding two young…

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You Know You’re A Writer When…

1.) You’re constantly coming up with story ideas and because of this, you keep getting up while you’re trying to sleep to write them down!

2.) You have tons of pens and paper lying around.

3.) Your phone is filled with notes with ideas for poems and stories

4.) You love the sound of typewriters or the sound of keys on a keyboard.

5.) You wish you could type even faster than you already do

6.) You wonder how authors like James Patterson are constantly spitting out books. Where do they find the time?

7.) You can’t help but think that some of your dreams would make excellent stories if only you could find a way to write them down and make them make some sort of sense!


Book Party – November 11th

Today is the last day of this week’s book party in celebration of my recently published book, Rest in Piece. I would like to thank dbsgirl for both recommending I throw a book party and for supporting my writing. She’s also been participating in my book party which means the world to me. While the book party is ending today, Rest in Piece is still available for purchase! Please feel free to purchase it here! Thank you to everyone who has already purchased a copy of the e-book! I’m also considering throwing another book party after Thanksgiving. If anyone has any ideas for what to do with it or would be interested in participating, please feel free to let me know.

Without further ado, here’s today’s question!

11/11 – What is your favorite genre when it comes to what you like to read?

My favorite genre when it comes to books are thrillers. I’m a big fan of Harlan Coben and James Patterson and that’s mostly what they write. However, I’ve also started to be a little more interested in horror. I love John Saul, Greg Bear’s Dead Lines, and some of Stephen King’s shorter stories.

-B.W. Ginsburg

What about you? What’s your favorite genre when it comes to reading?

Writing Rest in Piece: The Jigsaw to Success

As many of you know, Rest in Piece is my first published book. I’ve written several other things before such as poems and other short stories, but never have I really gotten one published. Writing Rest in Piece took about a year and took a lot of work when it came to both the writing and editing process. Even after everything, the story’s still not perfect – no story is. However, I’m still very proud of it and the process in which I embarked upon to get it published!

The Idea Behind Rest in Piece:

The whole puzzle idea in Rest in Piece and really much of the idea behind the story in general came from the fact that my grandpa has always loved putting puzzles together. It was a hobby that when he was younger, he loved. He had this one puzzle upstairs that scared the crap out of me and when I slept over at my grandparents’, it freaked me out. I remember for the most part what the puzzle looked like and I decided to base my story after it. Unfortunately, the puzzle got thrown away or donated fairly recently so I don’t have it.

Writing the Story:

I wish I could explain how everything came together, but that’s not really easy to do. I just started thinking of the story and what I wanted to happen. However, I’ll try to explain some of the parts of writing the story.

  • The Characters: Both girls in the story are young and yet, mature and intelligent. They are extremely brave and even though their lives take place during different time periods, they’re similar in many ways. The parents of the main character are very loving and while they respect their daughter’s age, they are very protective. The other family in Rest in Piece are in mourning and yet, they also, are incredibly strong individuals.
  • Imagery: Imagery has always been kind of a struggle for me. I love reading books with tons of imagery, but writing it tends to be difficult. However, I think I did a fairly good job of describing several of the more horrific scenes in the book. I took my dad’s advice and tried to really picture the scenes as if I was living them. Also, I’m a big believer that TV shows and movies are great for giving us an idea of how to include imagery in our writing.
  • Themes: There are various themes in Rest in Piece. I didn’t necessarily go into writing the story thinking of including them, but they’re present. Themes such as: life, death, mourning, and even health are included in the story.
  • The ending: While the very ending of the story came together quite easily for me, it was the part leading up to it that was a little tricky. Sometimes while you’re writing, you feel like you need something big to happen and instead, your mind just isn’t coming up with anything you deem creative enough. That’s when you really have to start thinking and stop being lazy about it. Soon enough, you’ll come up with an idea and everything will snap into place!


Editing is a pain in the butt – plain and simple. Editing is important and necessary though and rushing through the process shouldn’t be an option. Take your time and also, I recommend asking someone else to help you edit as well. Sometimes it’s hard to be objective when you’ve written the story and when you’ve read it a million times.


I did a lot of research on publishing. I decided in the end that for me, it was best to self-publish. A lot of people are going that route these days and I felt that it was better to self-publish rather than send my story to a publisher that might take longer to get back to me, only to say that my story didn’t fit in with what they were looking for. With that being said, I chose the best self-publishing option I thought was out there!

Accepting That Your Story Will Never Be Perfect:

This is never easy to do, but it has to be done. Even after editing and trying your best, chances are that your story will still have flaws. I know as writers, it can drive us crazy, but we have to realize that we’re human and that every writer, even professionals, make mistakes. I’m not saying that this means that we shouldn’t try our hardest to avoid making these mistakes in the first place, but that we need to learn from them and then move on. We have to learn that even though we’re not perfect, we’re still amazing writers!

-B.W. Ginsburg

If you’d like to purchase my book, Rest in Piece, feel free to do so here! Thank you!

Book Party – November 10th

11/10 – Are you someone who likes to read in silence or have music playing in the background?

Personally I like reading when it’s quiet. I can read when music is playing (especially Jazz because I find it utterly boring), but sometimes it can be distracting. One thing that I do find really hard is writing when there’s music in the background. I constantly mess up and can’t concentrate! It’s very frustrating!

How about you? Do you like silence when you’re reading and writing or do you prefer to have music or other sounds playing in the background?

Tomorrow is the last day of the book party! You still have time to join in the fun! If you’d like, I would greatly appreciate it if you could please spread the news that my book Rest in Piece is now available for sale in e-book form here! Thank you!

For the schedule for the book party, feel free to click here! Thank you again to everyone who supports my writing!

Book Party – November 9th

So I know many of you may not be up to partying today, but we all need some relief from stress sometimes. Therefore, today’s question is the following if you wish to join in the fun!

11/9 – What is your favorite fantasy book? Your favorite horror book? Why?

I think my favorite fantasy novel is Ink Heart by Cornelia Funke. I read it a long time ago but really liked the plot. It’s a wonderful book! As for my favorite horror book, that would be Dead Lines by Greg Bear. It’s thought-provoking and a wonderful ghost story!

If you’d like to participate in the book party, feel free to check out the schedule here!