Artwork and Images

Rest in Piece

Designed by B.G.
Designed by B.G.

I made this image back in high school and I’m quite proud of it. I took a picture of my hand on the keyboard and edited it in Photoshop. I used it on this website to show my love for writing as well as my love for typing!

Designed by B.G.

This is the cover that I almost used for Rest in Piece. Thank gosh my mom drew the cover instead. Much better than this would have been! Still, for someone who’s not an artist, I guess this wouldn’t have been horrible!

Super Exciting News!
Image taken by B.G.

This is a picture I took of a typewriter pencil sharpener given to me by my mom. I’ve always been fascinated by typewriters and they symbolize my love for writing.

Rest in Piece by [Ginsburg, B.W.]
Cover Design by D. Ginsburg
The cover design for Rest in Piece was drawn by my mom! More information about this drawing may be available in the future! Stay tuned!

Abstract Clarity

Cover Photo: B.W. Ginsburg

While I did ask my mom for her input on the cover of Abstract Clarity, and she happily gave it, I took it upon myself to set up the photo and take the picture myself. I wanted a design that included the many subjects and themes of the collection: dreams, time travel, writing, beauty, mystery, etc. I used a rectangular mirror (to illustrate the story, Clarity) to reflect a picture that my dad took of the sky (to illustrate Dream Land), separated a Cross pen (illustrating Write in Time), and placed it on a wooden table to help illustrate the story, October’s Rein. I combined all these objects and created a type of clock in order to allude to the story, Historical Hell. All of these objects helped build the perfect cover! I hope you all enjoy it!


Alternative cover design for Abstract Clarity designed by Lillith Adams @hippiehorror. Cover designed in December 2017.