The Intruder – A Book Review


Picture from Goodreads

Copyright: 1996

Rating: 5/5

My Synopsis:

John Gates used to be happy. He had a job, a wife, and a daughter. Then, everything changed. Now John is on the streets, struggling each day to get by.

Jake Schiff is a lawyer who has a wife, Dana, and a son, Alex. Everything seems fine until one day, a homeless man enters their lives and changes it forever. Before he knows what’s happening, Jake is confronted with both people and events that try their hardest to come between him and the ones he loves. What will he do to protect his family and his life as he knows it? Will he be successful or will the challenges that face him be too much to bear?

My Opinion:

Peter Blauner’s The Intruder will without a doubt be one of the best books I read all year! From beginning to end, I found myself thoroughly intrigued by the plot and characters of this story.

Not only is The Intruder full of action and suspense, but it is a great example of humanity and both its best and worst. the book excels at whisking its readers into a world of sadness, violence, and even – at times – hope.

As an author, I have to say that The Intruder is a book that I highly recommend to any adult seriously considering becoming an author themselves. If you find that you struggle with character development, this is an excellent novel to study in order to help improve your skills.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by this book! After not bothering to pick it up for years, I soon discovered what I treasure trove I was truly missing. If you’re looking for a book that you’ll never want to put down and that will constantly have you wishing you were as talented as the author who gave it birth, then I highly recommend The Intruder by Peter Blauner!



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