About the Stories – Dream Land

Dream Land is the fourth short story in my new collection, Abstract Clarity.

Along with TV shows like The Dead Zone, Haven, and Supernatural, I’ve seen and enjoyed a few episodes of The Twilight Zone. The first episode I ever remember seeing is The After Hours with my dad. It’s been a little while since I last saw the episode, but I remember thinking that it was quite creepy.

My favorite episode of The Twilight Zone is A World of His Own. I love the idea behind it and plus, it helps that the main character is a writer! I just think there’s something so creative about the episode.

I wanted to write a story that had the same feeling to it as an episode of The Twilight Zone. I wanted to write something surreal and strange; something that’s unexplainable and has an eerie feeling to it. That is what I’ve hoped to accomplish with the short story, Dream Land.

The reason I chose to use dreams as the topic in my story is because I’ve always found them a fascinating phenomenon. Even the most intelligent of scientists aren’t completely sure what the nightly thoughts mean. I’ve always wondered what lies behind the true meaning of dreams – if they do in fact mean anything at all.

Once again, I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into another short story from my collection, Abstract Clarity. If you’d like to read the stories, feel free to pick up your own copy of my new short story collection on Amazon.com. Abstract Clarity is available in both paperback and Kindle format.

Thank You,

B.W. Ginsburg



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