Where I Find Inspiration

I think we can all agree that inspiration for good writing comes from all sorts of sources – good books, interesting TV shows and movies, and every day life and events. If you’re looking for some great reads and entertainment to help jump start your inspiration, here are some recommendations!


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InkHeart – A greatly imaginative read for young adults. Also, this book has a beautiful cover!

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Dead Lines – My favorite book and a great ghost story! The imagery is fantastic! I’ve read and enjoyed this book two times.

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Stay Close – A book of twists and turns, this book keeps you on edge and you’d never guess how it ends. A great book for showing you how to keep your readers in suspense!

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Tell No One – This is another great book by Harlan Coben. The characters are great and you truly fall in love with this story, cheering on David Beck and his desire to find out the truth.

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The Green Mile – The Green Mile by Stephen King is an amazingly written story. It was the first full length novel I read by the author and man am I happy I did. It’s just a great story with great writing! The characters are also highly memorable. If you want to read a book that will help you become a better writer, I recommend you read The Green Mile!

TV Shows

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The Dead Zone – Stephen King’s The Dead Zone is a highly creative show based on the novel by Stephen King. The episodes are written really well and the show is highly interesting. If you’re into science fiction and horror, I definitely recommend it. It’s a great show.

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Haven – Loosely based on a Stephen King novel, Haven is a show that will continually bring you amusement. Each episode is filled with creativity and you’ll get hooked once you watch the first show. If you want to write something that boggles the mind and fills your readers with wonder, Haven is a great show to watch to get ideas!

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Supernatural – As I’ve said before, I’m so happy I gave this show a chance. Once a show that I’d never be caught dead watching (no pun intended), I decided to give it a try and it’s now one of my FAVORITE shows! This show has been on 12 years and it still has not gone dry with creativity and inspiration. If you’re into writing ghost stories and stories with supernatural elements, then Supernatural is the show for you!

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Warehouse 13 – Another show I never thought I’d like, Warehouse 13 is fantastic! It has great characters, great story lines, and fantastic elements. It’ll definitely help you open your mind and imagination.


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Back to the Future – As many of you know, Back to the Future is by far my favorite movie. I think the way the movie handles the idea of traveling in time is excellent and definitely one of the best ways that any movie or TV show has ever shown such a concept. The characters in the movie are also easy to love or hate and it’s just a really enjoyable movie! I can’t say enough fantastic things about Back to the Future.

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The Green Mile – This is a wonderful, touching movie with characters that are both easy to love and hate. The plot is heartbreaking and will, without a doubt, leave you speechless.

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit – In addition to this movie being absolutely hilarious, it’s also just done very well. It’s creative and blends the real world with the fantastic.

There are so many more great books, TV shows, and movies that I find inspiring, but these are a few. What inspires you?




2 thoughts on “Where I Find Inspiration”

  1. Books, films, and real life experiences, like observation, interaction and testing of hypotheses. Also, being open to ask any question within the safe environment of a mind experiment, in particular, thinking about “what if?” questions.

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