Writing Project Information Is Here!

Hey everyone! So I know I’ve been talking about my newest writing project: a collection of short stories, and I thought I would give you a little more information!

First and foremost, after doing some research, I realized that most of the stories I plan to put together are actually considered ‘novellas’. Still, I plan on combining them in a larger book and calling them ‘short stories’. To me, a short story is anything that isn’t novel length or long enough to sell on its own.

While I’m not going to give a lot of detail on what each story is about, I thought that I would describe the stories a little bit to get you excited for when they (hopefully) come out. I think it’s important as a writer not to count your literary chickens too soon before they hatch. But I’m very excited!

Here’s the breakdown with the possible titles:

Spirits in the Marble A woman’s love for Halloween goes awry. Genre: Horror

Dream LandAfter a man gets into a car crash, he’s introduced to something fantastic and original. Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction

Historical Hell – Instead of God laughing at the plans of humans, Time laughs at God’s plans. Can this tragedy be fixed before it’s too late? Genre: Horror

Clarity – A beautiful story that shows that humans are not the only ones that can make a difference and that inner beauty is what’s important. Genre: Fantasy







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