Writing: So Many Ideas!

So as I mentioned in a couple of posts, I’m currently working on writing a story. My ultimate hope and plan is to combine a number of short stories into a collection!

I am very happy to say that I already have another story idea in mind in addition to the one I’m currently writing. The crazy thing is that my ideas for the story I haven’t started yet are intense. I’m super excited to get started on the new story and haven’t even finished the one I’m currently working on!

I think it’s super amazing that my ideas are flowing the way they are. For a while, I felt stumped and wasn’t sure that I’d come up with another good story after Rest in Piece. I’m really proud of my accomplishment of publishing my first book and I didn’t want my good writing to end there. Now I can hardly contain myself!

At first, I planned on just finishing the story I’m currently working on (which I’m also excited about), but then I decided that I’m going to start writing the other one as well. The ideas are fresh and who wants to lose something as wonderful as a fresh, exciting concept!

So my point is this: if you find yourself exceptionally excited about a story, WORK ON IT! Work on it when you feel like you’re in the mood for releasing your creativity! If you’re working on another story at the same time and still love the idea of the current one, DON’T STOP working on that one! Write them both when you feel it’s a good time!

How about you guys? Any writing projects in the works?


19 thoughts on “Writing: So Many Ideas!”

      1. I’m almost done with one. I’m finally getting back to it and changing to to third person POV and adding/cutting a few scenes. The others are just a few pages long, one I’ve been paused in for about a year and I’m not very sure if I’m ever going to get back to it.
        Keep writing!!!!!!!!!

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      2. It’s only taken a few days so far, I mean, I just started. I’m on page 63 out of 301 of changing POV. I’m planning to publish it eventually, but it’ taken me a year to get this far, so it might still be another few years before it’s world-view ready (I hope it’s sooner than that, though).
        Are you planning to publish both of the stories you’re working on?

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      3. Cool!
        I do have an interest in reading it, but I have so many books my friends want me to read it’s overwhelming!!!! I will probably read it in a few months, or maybe after I’m done with the “Words of Radiance”. I will definitely read it at some point this year.

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  1. I have section on OneNote dedicated to the myriad story ideas I have just so that I don’t forget about them/lose them. They’re all in various stages of detail. I tend to wait a really long time before I start writing something. I didn’t write my first full novel until ten years after its inception, and I STILL completely changed the ending lol. If I didn’t have my notes, I’m pretty sure I’d lose my mind, because there’s no way I could keep all of those ideas in my head.

    Happy writing with your next projects!

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      1. Yup! I do the same thing. I’ve made the mistake of believing I’ll remember them in the morning, and it never occurs. There’s a word for that state in between sleep and waking…hypnogonic I think it is, but it’s where all my best ideas lurk!

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