Why I Don’t Do Reading Challenges

Hey everyone! So I’ve noticed that a lot of readers, especially those who also have blogs, participate in book challenges and have ‘reading goals’. While I have actually set a reading goal on Goodreads (I believe it’s set at 10 books, counting each of the 90 page Green Mile books by Stephen King – which on their own total 6 books), I’m not a huge fan and believer of setting reading goals or participating in book challenges.

Don’t get me wrong, I find doing reading challenges quite commendable and I respect the people who participate. However for me, reading should be something that you do without feeling pressure to complete a certain amount of books in a certain amount of time. I think it’s great to want to read more and to set some goals, but sometimes I think that, for me at least, participating in a book challenge would take away the fun of reading.

I’m the kind of person that likes to pick up a book when I feel like reading – without pressure or feeling like I’m in some sort of race or contest. To be honest, I’ve never really loved having to read certain books for school (probably because they were mostly classics which I’ve never really been into!). I’ve never really liked being told that I have a week or even a month to read something – it just makes reading seem like such a chore!

I’m writing this post not as a judgement, but rather more of just a rambling session! Plus, I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to be into reading challenges and setting HUGE reading goals. Maybe I just don’t read as much as I should, but it feels like people put a lot of unnecessary pressure on themselves to do something that should be fun!

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of reading challenges? Reading goals? Why or why not?


22 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Do Reading Challenges”

  1. I’m a fan of reading challenges and goals for my own personal growth. I find I’ll read and complete more books if I set a goal/challenge, and I’ll stick to reading if I put it on my to-do list. I love to read, but I often have so much going on that I’ll sacrifice reading time or not fit it in before the end of the day. “Readers make the best writers” is something I’ve heard my entire life, and when I want to continue improving. When I was in school, it was so much easier to keep up with my reading (I remember breezing through 60 books in one summer), but now that I’m an adult with limited time, scheduling my reading time is the best way for me to get it done (I also read between 4-6 books at a time now that I have a Kindle and can read on my lunch breaks). It’s one of the reasons I do my weekly reading updates, too, and it has definitely made a difference. I’ve finished seven books already this year out of fifteen! I’d set a goal of 20 last year and was one short. So I think like most things, reading challenges, goals, and scheduling work on a person by person basis 🙂

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  2. I sort of??? set reading goals, but it’s just to see how many I can read in a year, but not in a traditional way. Back in 2000 I’d decided I’d wanted to track the # of books I read – I thought I could easily read 100 b/c I recalled 100 book challenges in grammar school – UH YEAH those are MUCH MUCH SHORTER! I hit somewhere in the 50s though. Since then I’ve been writing down every book I read and sometimes to mix it will say – read 5 NF or I’ll take on a challenge to get me out of my “Mystery” zone. However… the yearly total – it’s just something to shoot for, but which I don’t feel terrible if I don’t hit. I love reading: I start my day and end my day reading as it’s relaxing. The challenges – I use them more to mix it up or if they list books -often I’m not aware of them and it’s a go reco.

    PS LOVED YOUR Seeds 4 Life post – but as I’m not a member of Disque and don’t use my Twitter for other logins I couldn’t submit a post. (It didn’t allow for guest as many Disque posts do.) Great piece and I shared it on Twitter.
    K of TAF

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    1. I could see keeping track of your reading. I’m happy you enjoy it.

      Thank you so much for the compliment! Yeah, I hate when you can’t comment because you don’t have a certain form of social media. I don’t have Facebook so on some sites I can’t comment…very disappointing. But thank you! Your comment means the world to me!! 🙂

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      1. 🙂 I don’t have FB either – everyone thinks I’m weird but I don’t get lost down too many social media black holes during the day.

        It was a really great piece. I also just followed you – tho’ I put the link in my reader as I didn’t see a follow me.

        And Thank you for your nice compliment about my blog. 🙂 My own piece of happiness and how to spread it through appreciation you could say. Stop by any time.

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      2. I will! I don’t trust Facebook personally. I mean, I know any social media can be dangerous, but you hear so many things about the danger of Facebook, which is why I don’t have an account and why, even on my blog, I’m extra careful. Thanks for following my blog! What did you mean it doesn’t show up in your reader? Did you mean one of my blogs or The Seeds 4 Life?


      3. On the Rest in Piece site – I did not see a follow button to click. So I copied the email and dropped it into my To Follow Sites in my Reader. Hope that helps.

        I haven’t necessarily heard about the dangers, but just never been a fan… Plus most social media today is quite negative… prefer to just avoid it, but my prof life is marketing so… sort of stuck. So I choose Twitter quick easy done. 🙂

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      4. That should have worked. I’ll look into putting a separate follow button on the page though. Thanks for letting me know.

        Yeah, social media can be pretty negative but I see what you’re saying about it being helpful in terms of marketing. I kind of have that problem with getting the message out about my book!


      5. If you need someone to bounce Ideas off of for promoting you book (you likely have a team but…) let me know. My expertise is in Brand Management and Marketing. I have a gmail account under my blog name you can reach me through (off the comments). Looks like you’re doing well though. Enjoy the weekend.-K

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  3. Sorry confused… I don’t think I have a comment option on my blog, but wouldn’t you have to share the email there too if you did send one to me? I’m reading this that you don’t want to share email w/ me at all – which is fine and your prerogative Really I get it. But don’t think the comments best way to share this type of advice. Did I misunderstand?…. Do need to run in a few mins..


      1. I would NEVER share that info. While you don’t know me, hopefully at least my blog’s theme/purpose at least shows I’m appreciative of others and their request. 🙂 Not to worry. I’m also the ONLY person associated with this blog – no staff etc… Hope this helps. Have a good weekend! I’ll be in touch after I get through the next few days.

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