Using Reading To Become An Amazing Writer

As you’ve probably heard if you’re a writer (or a reader, for that matter), the best way to become a great writer is to read. Reading gives you insight into how writers are able to move their readers with words and what’s better than taking advantage of that?

Stephen King said that if you don’t have the time or tools to read, then you don’t have the time or tools to write. This is absolutely true! While I admit that I don’t read as much as I used to, I definitely see the value in reading a lot and I want to start to do so. Not only is reading fun, but it’s informational and helpful in becoming the best writer you can be!

Speaking of Stephen King, I’ve been reading his series The Green Mile and let me tell you, it’s full of some fantastic writing. I’ve already added tons of quotes from the book to my Goodreads account and I can’t get enough of his excellent writing. When I finish The Green Mile it will have been the first full length Stephen King novel that I’ve ever completed.

Reading The Green Mile is not only enjoyable, but it’s helping me see how powerful the right choice of words can be. Stephen King has a way of making you feel as if you’re part of the story, seeing and feeling the action of it all. He makes you feel real concern and anger towards the characters and that, is a very powerful thing.

I started writing a new short story last night and I already feel like my writing is going really well. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I kind of doubt it. It’s not that I don’t trust my own ability to write, but there’s something beautiful about writing while you’re reading a really good book – it puts you in the mood to move your readers with words. In a way, it’s almost like you feel the need to compete with the book you’re reading. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never be as good as Stephen King and I’m not trying to ‘beat him’ in that way, but I do believe that reading a book that is wonderfully penned really does inspire us to become better writers ourselves.

So if you really want my advice on how to become a better writer, read really well-written books. Hell, maybe even read one while you’re writing your newest story. You may just find that the author you love has a way of rubbing off on you!



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