Goodreads: A Great Place For Readers (And Writers!)

As I mentioned, I recently signed up for Goodreads. I must say, I’m really enjoying the site. Although I’m not a fan of making ‘reading goals’ like some people do on the site (I think reading should be a no pressure hobby), I do like a lot of the other features. I thought I would list some of the amazing features that can be found on Goodreads!

1.) The Author Program – For writers, the author program on Goodreads is awesome! The site allows you to establish yourself and gain a fan base.There are also advertising opportunities though I haven’t explored them.

2.) Book Lists – Goodreads allows you to make lists of books you’ve read, books you’re reading, and books you want to read. I think it’s pretty awesome to see some of the books I’ve read listed in front of me.

3.) Rating Books – It’s pretty fun rating books and showing others whether you liked reading something or not. Plus, if you happen to forget, you can look back on what you’ve read and see what you thought.

4.) Reviewing Books – Reviewing books is not only fun and helpful to other readers, but it also helps the reviewer learn how to write effectively. I have to admit that I’m really enjoying the reviewing process.

5.) Quizzes – Along with being an informational site, Goodreads is also fun! Goodreads has quizzes that you can take about your favorite books and authors! You can also create your own quizzes as well. In fact, I’ve already taken one and created two!

6.) Connecting with Friends – Just like through blogging, you can connect with friends on Goodreads. Connecting with friends allows you to see what your friends are reading and discuss books. Who knows, you might just find your next favorite novel through seeing what your friends have been reading!

There are so many great benefits of being a part of Goodreads. I can be found under B.W. Ginsburg and my author page can be found here! I highly recommend that you check out this site if you love reading and/or writing!




12 thoughts on “Goodreads: A Great Place For Readers (And Writers!)”

  1. These are all great points! I didn’t know about the author page or the quizzes until you mentioned them! (I took one of your quizzes already, & I’m going to check out the other now.)

    I like that you can also connect your Amazon Wishlist to Goodreads. The site will pull all the books you have listed & you can arrange them onto your read/wish to read lists. It helped me build up a good-sized set of lists in a short time.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t always put the books in the correct place, so I had to do some re-arranging, but I still love the feature! 🙂

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      1. That’s why I thought I might mention the Amazon connect ability, in case you might be interested. In fact, I should try to update my connection since I add like 20 books to my Wishlist a week. XD

        I took both the quizzes now! I was pleasantly surprised at my score – they weren’t too hard, but they weren’t super easy. Very nicely balanced – great job! 🙂

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  2. It’s a great way to keep track of all the books I want to read, and I love that you can make as many shelves as you want for organization. If I didn’t have it, there’s so no way I could remember every book I’m interested in. Granted I currently have over 500 on my TBR list, but who’s really counting anyway lol.

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      1. I just keep adding more and more books lol. I’m reading five currently, and I schedule out the days when I’m going to do so. It’s just so much easier for me if I organize. Two of them are on Kindle, which means I read them on my lunch break 🙂

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      2. I’ve found the e-reader to be very useful on lunch breaks or when I’m waiting for an appointment, but it took me quite a few years to get used to reading things online. I think necessity facilitated that since eventually if you’re writing, it’s going to end up on a computer anyway.

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