Questions You May Have About Rest in Piece: Answered!

Hey everyone! I know some of you may have some questions about my new book that’s out, so I thought I would answer some possible questions!

Will only young adults enjoy the book?

I honestly don’t think so. I think that anyone who enjoys a fast-paced book with a lot of supernatural and fantastical elements will appreciate Rest in Piece. While the main characters are young, I think that adults can relate to many of the themes.

How did I come up with the idea for Rest in Piece?

My grandparents had a puzzle (my grandpa used to love putting together puzzles) next to the bed upstairs that always used to creep me out, the puzzle is based off of that one. As for the plot, I just always liked the idea of things going into different worlds than their own (for example: the plot of Ink Heart and the characters in the book).

How long did it take me to write the book?

About 1 year

How did I publish Rest in Piece?

I self-published the book through Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon.

What formats is Rest in Piece available in?

Rest in Piece is available in e-book and paperback format.

How much does the book cost?

The e-book version of Rest in Piece is $4.99 and the paperback version is $14.99.

Are their reviews for the book and where can I find them?

Yes! You can find them through the following links:



Are there any interviews with the author?

Yes! You can find one below!


Who designed the cover for Rest in Piece?

My mom, D. Ginsburg

Where can I purchase a copy of Rest in Piece?


Where can I find more information about the book?


Thank you,

B.W. Ginsburg, author of Rest in Piece


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