Getting Into Writer’s Mode

Okay so you have an idea for a book. The problem? First of all, maybe you’re not quite sure if your idea is good enough or solid enough to make a full length novel. Second of all? Sometimes in the beginning of writing, motivation isn’t at its highest point.

I have an idea for a new story. I like the idea and while I don’t have everything planned out in my head, I have the basics figured out. However, I honestly don’t know if I could squeeze a full book out of it and if I know enough about the topic to properly write about it. Also, I’d hate to hit a snag along the way and realize that I wasted my time for no reason. I think those are some common fears that writers experience.

As my dad mentioned yesterday though, sometimes we feel unsure about our ideas because we haven’t given them the full attention that they deserve. After all, before I wrote and finished Rest in Piece, I’m sure I had my doubts. It’s once you get into the story that you really find out if it’s going somewhere. If you don’t really give it a chance, you can’t expect it to be a masterpiece.

I gave Rest in Piece a real chance and luckily, it turned out pretty well. I owe it to myself and my idea to really begin to work on my new story. If it doesn’t work out, that’s fine, but I need to try. As a writer, I need to give myself that opportunity. Rest in Piece turned out better than expected and look, I’ve already got some sales! Who knows, maybe my current idea for a novel will turn out just as good or even better!

We as writers need to sometimes force ourselves to write, to jump start our creativity. Here are some ideas I have for helping you with such a task:

1.) Read a book – even if it’s just a few really good lines, sometimes reading something that you think is really well written makes you want to write your own story! It happens to me all the time!

2.) Listen to a song you really like – just like reading books, listening to songs with well-written lyrics is a great way to get you in the mood for writing. Just think, you could share amazing words with your readers just like some musicians do!

3.) JUST WRITE – no pressure, just write whatever comes out – masterpiece or not!

4.) Think about your ideas and how you want to write your story – Thinking about the ideas you have for your book or thinking about how you want the writing to sound on the page is a great way to make you want to get up and put words to page!

Do you have any advice for getting into writing mode? Share your thoughts below!

Happy Writing,

B.W. Ginsburg / B.G.




6 thoughts on “Getting Into Writer’s Mode”

  1. This is a great post! I’ve recently had an idea for a book. Non-fiction though, and I’m sort of writing bits every day, but the advice I would give is similar to your ‘just write’. Don’t underestimate the brilliance of free writing. No barriers, no pressure, just words. At least you’ll have something to work with, and you can develop and hone it at your own pace, but you need to get something on paper first! So whenever you get that writing bug, or the seed of an idea, just write the words down as they come to you and don’t overthink it. Remember it’s all part of the process 🙂

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      1. It’s not so much a story as a collection of thoughts. If you see my blog posts ‘Night Thoughts’ and ‘180 Thoughts and Counting’ you’ll get an idea of it. I’ve also added it to my Current Writing Projects page 😊 I’ll definitely let you know how it goes. I’ve written just over half already. I hope my writing advice helps! Hope you’re doing okay too, keep writing ❤

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  2. I will generally have a story in my head for at least a decade before I even begin to write it, though I know most writers don’t wait that long. I usually have to have the major scenes in my head including the beginning and ending and a plethora of notes before I can begin the task of writing. Stories rarely turn out quite as you plan them, and it’s always an awesome adventure. I learn something new every time I write something, and I did wind up writing something where I had no idea how it would end.

    I did download your book off of Kindle, so I’ll be reading it soon 🙂

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