The Rest in Piece Book Tag!


This is an original book tag created by yours truly, B.W. Ginsburg at Getting Through Anxiety and Rest in Piece Book Blog. To get all of you excited for my new book, Rest in Piece,  I thought I would make this tag for all who want to participate to enjoy! Remember that my book is available for purchase on Amazon! Special thanks goes to everyone who has supported my writing!

The Rules:

1.) Answer the questions as best as you can

2.) Post the picture of the tag on your own post

3.) Mention who tagged you and thank them for the tag

4.) Tag whoever you want

5.) Have fun!


Now, for the questions:

1.) Ghost, demon, or angel? Which of the following would you most like to be and why?

I’d have to go with angel. Maybe to some it sounds boring, but I’d much rather help people than harm or haunt them.

2.) Man, this book is good! What horror novel did you find the hardest to put down?

I have to go with Dead Lines by Greg Bear. That book is fantastic! The imagery, the plot, everything – it’s just an amazing book!

Image result for Deadlines Greg Bear
Google Images

3.) Favorite horror writer?

John Saul, hands down! My dad’s a huge fan of Stephen King, but I prefer his movies over the actual books. John Saul, however, writes amazing horror stories including: The Wanted, Hell Fire, and Nathaniel!

4.) How do they do it?! Do you think you’d enjoy writing your own horror novel? Why or why not?

I enjoyed it. I think it’s a little tricky creating imagery sometimes, but I think that it’s an amazing experience to be able to create something so scary! I think that by watching shows like Supernatural, one gets a better idea of how to make a scary story come to life.

5.) There’s a first time to everything. What’s the first fantasy story you remember reading?

I’m not sure if Harry Potter counts as a fantasy, but if it does, then Harry Potter. After that, I remember reading Ink Heart which is a great book! I also remember reading The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke.

6.) Short, scary, and to the point. Do you have a favorite scary short story? What is it and who’s it by?

Chattery Teeth by Stephen King! Short, scary, and good. There’s a movie version too which is also very creepy!

Image result for The Chattery Teeth story
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