You Know You’re A Writer When…

1.) You’re constantly coming up with story ideas and because of this, you keep getting up while you’re trying to sleep to write them down!

2.) You have tons of pens and paper lying around.

3.) Your phone is filled with notes with ideas for poems and stories

4.) You love the sound of typewriters or the sound of keys on a keyboard.

5.) You wish you could type even faster than you already do

6.) You wonder how authors like James Patterson are constantly spitting out books. Where do they find the time?

7.) You can’t help but think that some of your dreams would make excellent stories if only you could find a way to write them down and make them make some sort of sense!



7 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Writer When…”

  1. These are so accurate!!

    Another one, I humbly suggest, might be the love of the smell of ink. It can be from a printer, in a book, or hand-written. I hand-write a lot of stuff before I type/edit it, & I’ll admit I sniff it sometimes. I also admit to sniffing books.

    Or, perhaps, I’m just weird. Either way, I embrace it. 😉

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