Book Party – November 10th

11/10 – Are you someone who likes to read in silence or have music playing in the background?

Personally I like reading when it’s quiet. I can read when music is playing (especially Jazz because I find it utterly boring), but sometimes it can be distracting. One thing that I do find really hard is writing when there’s music in the background. I constantly mess up and can’t concentrate! It’s very frustrating!

How about you? Do you like silence when you’re reading and writing or do you prefer to have music or other sounds playing in the background?

Tomorrow is the last day of the book party! You still have time to join in the fun! If you’d like, I would greatly appreciate it if you could please spread the news that my book Rest in Piece is now available for sale in e-book form here! Thank you!

For the schedule for the book party, feel free to click here! Thank you again to everyone who supports my writing!


2 thoughts on “Book Party – November 10th”

  1. I like background noise. It helps me concentrate, but if it’s music, it needs to be instrumental, otherwise I just end up singing along, possibly dancing, and the laptop or book is forgotten. Lol. Although, I have gotten inspiration for stories or dialogue through musical lyrics. I of course, don’t take it word from word from the artist, but use it to elaborate more on a certain subject. It’s amazing where inspiration can come from!

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