Book Party – November 6th

What is your number one piece of advice to someone who wants to write?

My number one piece of advice to those who want to write is to stay dedicated to your work and never give up. I’m not saying that if a story isn’t going anywhere, to waste your time on it, but rather I’m saying that if you are passionate about what you’re writing but hit a snag, not to just think that you have nothing left to give. Good writing takes time and even when you publish the book or poem, it may not be perfect. Perfection isn’t possible, even with the best editors in the world. That doesn’t mean though that your story doesn’t deserve to be told in the best way possible.

As I mentioned in my post, Most Important Thing When Writing, there have been plenty of times in the past when I either didn’t finish a story I was working on or didn’t try hard enough to get it published. I’m not proud of either one of these things. I’ve written other good stories that I should have spent more time on trying to get published and maybe one day, I will. Also, I shouldn’t have necessarily given up on the stories I started writing. You never know when a brilliant idea will come your way that can make a so-so story turn amazing!

I’m not going to lie – sometimes writing can be frustrating. Sometimes you have to spend time looking up all the different grammar rules and how to apply them. Even after you think you’ve fixed everything and done everything right, errors still sometimes slip through the cracks. Also, writing can be daunting in that sometimes ideas just won’t surface. You have a plot brewing in your mind, but sometimes the details just won’t come together. Like I said, it takes time and patience.

Still though, writing is a wonderful activity and if you’re good at it, it’s a wonderful skill to possess. Just like reading, writing can take you to a whole plethora of new places and is a great way to exercise the mind. So please, if you have a good idea for a story or poem or if you just want to write, DO IT! Don’t give up on your skills as a writer or your piece of work!

-B.W. Ginsburg

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