Ideas – How To Come Up With Them

Chances are that if you love to write, you’ve found yourself sitting near a notebook or in front of a computer screen, feeling like you’ve wanted to write but having no clue what to write about. I think we’ve all been there and can all admit that the feeling stinks! Our fingers are itching to type or write and all we can do is stare at the blank piece of paper or screen and stare. It’s incredibly annoying! We know we’re talented and yet at that very moment, we feel ridiculously useless. In reality, though, we have tons of great ideas – we just have to dig a little and bring them to the surface.

People always say to write what you know. Let’s face it though, sometimes that’s boring. I mean, isn’t a big part of writing and reading being able to escape either the stressful or mundane? Who wants to write about something that makes them uncomfortable or something that they do every single day of their lives? I know that I don’t. However, at the same time, there is something to that piece of advice. Here’s what I mean.

I don’t think it’s necessarily writing about what we do or know that’s the key, but rather thinking about things that we’ve seen in a different light. There are tons of things that may seem boring to us at first glance, but if we really think about them, we can make them quite interesting and turn them into something much more intriguing.

Think about it. Have you ever seen something that really frightened you but you couldn’t figure out why? Maybe when you were younger and you saw shadows you thought they looked like scary wolves or vampires. You may think to yourself, “That was just my imagination as a child, we all go through that!”. Why not make it into something else though? Why not write a story about shadows that really turn into those scary images? Why not make it a horror story instead of just a child’s overactive imagination?

That’s the beauty in writing – nothing has to be ordinary! You have the power as a talented writer to make something out of seemingly nothing! You just have to use that creativity that was bestowed upon you. You don’t have to give in to writer’s block – you can fight it!

Good Luck With Your Writing!

-B.W. Ginsburg

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3 thoughts on “Ideas – How To Come Up With Them”

    1. I like it although at the same time, I feel like it’s forced. I know the whole point is to just write about whatever, but I almost think it does the opposite. It’s like forcing yourself to write whatever, which to me almost defeats the purpose. Not sure if that makes sense though!

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      1. Absolutely does!!

        I should have clarified, I don’t mean it as a means of furthering a particular story. If elements pop up, that’s great, of course.

        I’ve heard that it can be good for bringing ideas to the surface. I’m with you – I find it difficult to actually sit down & do it. I mean, I see why it would be good, but I also feel like they would all start out the same way: “What am I doing this for? What’s the point? I’m breathing… my hand hurts… the cat just jumped on my lapboard & I had to stop…” That would probably be my freewrites. All of them. LOL

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