Book Party – November 5th

11/5 – What’s your favorite book? Why? Do you enjoy other works by this author? If so, what are they?

Hi everyone! Welcome to day two of the book party! Remember that all are welcome to join! If you’d like to check out the schedule, click here for more information!

My favorite book is Dead Lines by Greg Bear. It’s amazing. It’s not only a ghost story but it’s incredibly creative and imaginative. Bear is great at writing imagery and Dead Lines really makes you think about both life and death. If interested, I wrote a review about it here! Feel free to check it out and I highly recommend you take some time to read the book as well!

To answer the second part of the question, I don’t really enjoy Bear’s other works. I think I tried reading another one of his books once and didn’t get very far. In all fairness though, I haven’t really tried reading another of his novels since, so who knows!



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