Losing Objectivity and How To Handle It

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of editing and having the patience while doing so. While there are a lot of advantages to editing, there is one disadvantage that creeps up as well.

The more you read your story, chances are that it’s going to start sounding old; stale. I’m quite proud of my story and think it’s very good, but let’s face it, any time you read something too many times right after you just read it already, it begins to grow old. This is true with any book. Plus, reading your own writing is (I imagine) like watching yourself acting if you’re an actor or actress – it’s annoying. I mean, you start picking on every single word that you wrote. Now I think I get why actors and actresses try to stray away from watching themselves when shows or movies they were in come on TV.

Second guessing yourself when you’re writing or re-reading what you wrote, can be a dangerous thing. You start wondering if what you wrote is good enough. Let me tell you something – chances are that it is. I read my story over the first time and really liked it and that’s how I felt the second time too. But when you keep reading it over and over for mistakes, it’s naturally going to get tiring.

How do you handle losing objectivity? You ask someone else to read it through with you. I think we all need that and that’s okay. We need someone else sometimes to read through our work and tell us what they like and dislike. My dad is very honest with me when it comes to that and I’m quite grateful. If he doesn’t like something, he’ll kindly tell me and if he does, he’ll let me know that too.

You need to trust yourself when you’re writing and you need to trust those who you ask for help as well. It’s only natural for you to question your work and wonder if it’s good enough. In fact, that’s healthy and a good thing. However, when you start obsessing over it, that’s when you know you have to try to take a step back and simply trust that your story is as good as it can be.

Trust in your talents and hard work!

-B.W. Ginsburg

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