Book Party – November 4th

What written work have you written that you’re proud of? If you have links to this work, feel free to post them. Please post no more than three links per person.

Hey guys! So today is the first day of the book party here at the Rest in Piece blog! If you list the written work and/or published work you are most proud of, I will update this post at the end of the day with the links to your work! Once again, please list only three links per person and please do not post any links of work that is inappropriate. If you post links of your work, I ask that you please reblog this blog post so that you share my work with your readers, along with the other writers’ work that choose to post their links! Thank you!

To see the schedule for the book party, click here!

Here are the works that I’m (B.W. Ginsburg) most proud of:

Rest in Piece (my first published book!)

Seeds on The Seeds 4 Life (inspirational articles)

Articles on The Mighty (mental health articles)

Poetry by Ariel @ Writing Radiation



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