Editing – It’s a Pain, But It’s Worth It!

I’m not going to lie, editing is a pain in the butt. Seriously! My dad read over my story and there were a lot of little grammatical errors. Making these types of mistakes does not make someone a bad writer, but the issue does need to be addressed.

My dad and I probably read over my story about four times between the two of us, maybe even more. Editing is a pain because not only do you have to fix every little problem you come across, but it also makes you feel kind of crappy. I mean, let’s face it, no writer wants to see that they’ve made a billion tiny, stupid errors!

The thing that my dad kept reminding me though, is that going through your story and fixing these types of mistakes is something you need to do and if you’re passionate about your story, it’s not a waste of time. It goes hand in hand with having patience – you may want to rush into publishing your story, but you shouldn’t. You should wait until you’re completely satisfied with the writing itself.

As I was editing, I kept thinking how much easier I thought the whole process would be. I thought I would write the story and if I liked it, edit a few things and go ahead and try to publish it! It took longer than that though and I’m happy that it did in a way. I learned that you have to take your time and really focus on what you’re doing to ensure that your work turns out as good as it can!

So if you find yourself frustrated during the editing process, know that you’re not alone. Remember that it’s worth it to take the time and fix your mistakes. Making errors does not make you a bad writer, it just makes you human!

-B.W. Ginsburg

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4 thoughts on “Editing – It’s a Pain, But It’s Worth It!”

  1. Great advice. Editing can be one of the most daunting things. I’m certainly reluctant when it comes to editing my writing, but usually I end up just reading through it without the intention of editing it, and making changes automatically. It’s also useful to take a step back from writing projects, or leave one for a while and return to it later because when you read it through you’ll notice things you would have missed before.

    I’ve got a project that needs cutting down, and that’s a really daunting idea! But you’re right in that it’s something that needs to be done, and editing is just as important, if not more do, as the writing itself. Writing is a craft, and editing is part of getting the detail and the nuances just right.

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